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Domestic flight

AIR TAHITI is a limited liability company with a capital of 2.760.000.000 F CFP

Regular domestic air transport:

AIR TAHITI, the main airline company in Polynesia, has a network today which covers the whole country. The company assures the exchange among administrative, educational and medical organizations between Tahiti and its islands, thus contributing to territorial planning and to its economic development. In this context, tourism, which represents 30 % of the clientele, offers perspectives of development in which AIR TAHITI participates by widening the pallet of the connected islands and by its action concerning flight programs and rates.

AIR TAHITI exercises its activity of domestic air transport within the framework of the ” Agreement (Convention) for the harmonious development of interisland air transport”, signed with the government of French Polynesia in 1986 and valid until the end of 2011.

The purpose is to define the air transport guidelines and the implementation of a minimal service program in compliance with the governmental policy of opening air service to the distant islands. It requires the approval of the annual programs of scheduled flights by the government and its information of any tariff initiatives. In return, AIR TAHITI has a minimum level of activity (guaranteed?), without legal monopoly of airline service.

Mission of the group Air Tahiti :

“AIR TAHITI is a private Polynesian company with a public service mission.  The company is an engine for the economic and social development of the archipelagoes and a leader of French Polynesian tourist development.”