Air Archipels Management

As local subsidiary of Air Tahiti, Air Archipels enjoys a very profitable synergy with the latter, both in terms of sharing experience and financial support for its development, an undeniable competitive advantage.


Patrick is the technical director of Air Archipel. He worked within the aeronautical realm throughout several jobs ( flight engineer, team leader, air traffic controler, engineering manager, expert consultant, technical director). He gained experience by working in several flight companies or in maintenance centers. He worked in several countries of the world ( Africa, Ukrainia, Madagascar, Brazil). Patrick started working at Air archipel in 2015.


Graduated from polytechnics at the national superior school of aeronautics and space. He also graduated from the Institute of Technology of California (MS). He acquired experience by working in several international companies. Franck has been supervising Air Archipel since 2014.


Jerome is the safety superisor of the company. He is an engineer by background. He is in charge of supervising the quality and the safety of flight’s operations as well as for the maintenance’s department. He’s got more than ten years of experience working in the safety management of flight’s company.