A customized service

Forget all the obligations of a fixed schedule regular lines ! With Air Archipels, our journeys are made on demand.

Air Archipels is the leader of flights on demand in French Polynesia. The company carries out 3000 hours of flight per year, most of which are for medical emergency evacuations.

A 100% subsidiary of Air Tahiti group, the company is the sole flight provider reaching inaccessible islands like the Marquesas Islands. Air Archipels is also responsible for connecting some remote Tuamotu islands.

Capable of dispatching a crew in 45 minutes, Air Archipels is responsible for nearly 90% of all inter-island medical emergency evacuations  carried out in French Polynesia. Air Archipels is the main flight provider of local health services and also for private insurance companies.

With a fleet of 5 airplanes and 18 pilots, its experience also makes it a prime (select) provider for all private and public clients wishing to benefit from private flights “à la carte” in French Polynesia.

You are a private individual, a company or a governmental service (administration) and you want to travel to an island or organize an inter-island tour. Our vast experience flexibility and resources enable us to offer you personalized service, perfectly adapted to meet your requirements and fulfill your desires.