The Air Archipels pilots

French Polynesia represents a destination of choice for pilots from around the world, Air Archipels benefits from a large pool of experienced pilots that make up and renew  its team throughout its development.

In total, Air Archipels has a staff of 18 pilots including a large number from the French Air Force, test pilots and fighter pilots, who all have significant and quality experience Experience that benefits the entire fleet crew.

Each pilot of the company is experienced in landing on the public airfields in French Polynesia, including the ones with the most difficult access


Herve supervises the training of our pilots. He is an air pilot officer of the French Air Force from 1990 to 2005. He has gained experienced through military and humanitarian operations all over the world.

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He is the head pilot of Air Archipel. He is a former pilot of the French air force and also a former instructor captain of jumbo jet. He has been working on the flight operation scene for more than twenty years. David is managing our 17 pilots since 2013.

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Chief of the Beech branch of Air Archipel. He is the instructor captain since 1993. Jean-Luc is travelling from New Caledonia to Tahiti since 1998. He started working at Air Archipel in 2001. He works on several operational responsability of the company.

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