Your safety

The security of all activities related to air transportation is our priority.

Staff qualifications, equipment maintenance, safety and security procedures: Air Archipels meets all existing European regulation requirements for air transportation.
With over 3000 hours of accumulated flight per year throughout Polynesia, Air Archipels crew members gained unparalleled experience in this region of the Pacific.

Air Archipels meets all existing European regulations concerning aviation transportation in terms of safety and security. All of the company’s services are subject to extensive audit frequency whose purpose is to verify that each of them fully meets the necessary requirements.

These audits are performed on the basis of one per month. In addition, the company has its own quality department that carries out  30-40 audits annually.

Air Archipels’ pilots are being trained continuously throughout the year. These training sessions represent more than 300 days of instruction per year on the ground or in flight. The company has 5 instructor pilots and examiners among its workforce. The ground training is assured by the accredited instructors of Air Tahiti.

The destinations requiring experience are subject to periodic and specific training. Each flight is composed of a pilot and a co-pilot.